Montgomery County Water Garden Society

Clarksville, Tennessee

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The Montgomery County Watergarden Society was founded in 1999 and has  grown to over 75 members. We are dedicated to the further education and enjoyment of ponds and water gardening in the Clarksville, Montgomery County areas of Tennessee.  The Society does not meet in November, December, January and February.  Our Annual Banquet takes place in March.  During the spring and summer months we hold monthly "POND PARTIES" which are social events held at a member's home where one can look, learn and enjoy the water gardens created by others in the society.  Our year culminates in our biennial "WATER GARDEN TOUR" which is the only source of revenue for the organization other than membership fees. While this tour generally was held in August, after 2012 the tour is being moved to June and will alternate years with the Master Gardener tour!
The Montgomery County Watergarden Society is a not-for-profit organization.  All funds collected and raised go to the operational expenses of the organization and to benefit its members.  All officers serve on a voluntary basis.  Further information may be obtained by calling 931-302-3387 or by writing to Montgomery Water Garden Society on Facebook.


  • Terrie Young, Acting President 302-3387
  • Jim Conatser, Vice President
  • Linda VanMaanen, Sec/Treas. 368-1636
  • Jeff Baggett 302-5688
  • Linda Earp, Banquet Chairman 645-9700
  • Frank and Teresa Bueno, Events Chairmen 561-8790
  • Ron and Linda Westfall , Publicity 648-6350



             KOI AVAILABLE! 
If anyone is interested, we have a couple of members that have baby koi to give away!! Please contact me, Terrie Young, at 302-3387 to arrange pick up, or any of the board members, or you can visit our Facebook page, Montgomery County Watergarden Society and leave us a message. 

  We are also looking for the woman that contacted the Westfalls reference: her pond on Madison street.  They attempted to respond, but the email address is no longer functional.  If you are still interested in contacting us, we would love to hear from you again!

We are looking for  h
osts for our pond parties this year, they will be in June, July, August and September.  We will give you 75.00 for the entrée, guests will bring side dishes and chairs.  You get to pick the date!  Contact us at the above numbers and addresses if you are interested.  New members, and people just joining are welcome to host as well! 

We are  looking for new recipes for the newsletter that is now resuming, drop me a line and we will publish them and give you credit. Any new pond tips or websites with good info would be welcome so that we can provide better and newer info for our readers!